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Wes Collins
Red Time Force Ranger

Name: Wes Collins
Gender: Male
Season: Time Force
Colors: Red
Actor: Jason Faunt
Ranger Form: Red Time Force Ranger

Wes Collins
Time Force Ranger

Morphin! Call: Time For Time Force!
Morphin! Call: Time Force Red!
Name: Wes Collins
Ranger Designation: Red Time Force Ranger
Weapons: Chrono Saber Blaster, V1, Electro Booster
Gear: Chrono Morpher, Time Force Badge, Battle Warrior Armor
Gear: Strata Cycle, Red Vector Cycle
Zords: Time Flier 1

Wes Collins
Red Time Force Ranger Form

Wesley Collins[]

Color Name Picture Ranger Roll Call
Time Force Red Ranger II Wesley Collins Prtf-rg-wes.jpg "Time Force Red!"

Wesley Collins Ranger Costume Form[]

Color Name Ranger Form Ranger Costume
Time Force Red Ranger II Wesley Collins Red Time Force Ranger Form.jpg Prtf-red.jpg

Wesley Collins-Time Force Red Ranger II[]

Story: Wes is a spoiled rich kid from Silver Hills that was chosen to become the Red Time Force Ranger by Jen in order to unlock the rest of the Chrono Morphers due to his DNA matching the original Red Time Force Ranger, Alex. After unlocking the Chrono Morphers, Jen takes back the Chrono Morpher until he proves himself. Wes eventually develops feeling for Jen but put those feeling on hold when Jen’s thought to be dead fiancee, Alex comes to present day to take over the team and reveals to Wes that he is destined to take over Bio-Lab once his father dies. However, he decides to choose his own destiny and becomes the Red Time Force Ranger once again. After learning that the Time Force Rangers succeed in defeating Ransik but at the cost of their own lives, Wes decides to force his team to travel back to the future while he takes on Ransik alone. However, his team returns to assist Wes in taking in Ransik and succeeds. Before returning to the future, Jen admits his feeling to Wes and he becomes the new leader of the Silver Guardians, who will defend Silver Hills for free.