Name First appearance Last appearance Status Played by
Rita Repulsa "Day of the Dumpster" (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) "Mystic Fate" (Mystic Force) Purified into a human after Zordon's Energy Wave was destroyed by Andros. Machiko Soga (1993-1994, 2006), Carla Perez (1994-1998), Julia Cortez (film), Barbara Goodson (voice, 1993-1998), Susan Brady (voice, 2006)
Squatt & Baboo
Lord Zedd "The Mutiny" (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) "Countdown to Destruction" (in Space) Purified into a human Ed Neil, Robert Axelrod (voice), Mark Ginther (film)
Goldar "Day of the Dumpster" (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) "Countdown to Destruction" (in Space) Possibly purified into human Kerry Casey (film), Kerrigan Mahan (voice)
Rito Revolto "Ninja Quest" (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) "Good as Gold" (Zeo) Possibly alive Danny Wayne Stallcup, Bob Papenbrook (voice)
Master Vile
Hydro Hog
Machine Empire "A Zeo Beginning" (Zeo) "Forever Red" (Wild Force) Destroyed Various
King Mondo "A Zeo Beginning" (Zeo) "Countdown to Destruction" (in Space) Destroyed David Stenstorm (voice)
Divatox "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie" (Turbo) "Countdown to Destruction" (in Space) Purified into a human Hilary Shepard Turner (film, 2nd half of series, in Space), Carol Hoyt (1st half of the series)
Astronema "From Out to Nowhere" (in Space) "Facing the Past" (Lost Galaxy) Turned good Melody Perkins
Dark Specter "From Out to Nowhere" (in Space) "Countdown to Destruction" (in Space) Destroyed by Darkonda Christopher Grey (voice)
Psycho Rangers "Rangers Gone Psycho" (in Space) "The Touch of Pink" (Lost Galaxy) Destroyed Patrick David (Psycho Red), Michael Maize (Psycho Black), Wally Wingert (Psycho Blue), Kamera Walton (Psycho Yellow), Vicki Davis (Psycho Pink), Justin Nimmo (Psycho Silver)
Trakeena "Quasar Saber" (Lost Galaxy) "Trakeena's Revenge" (Lightspeed Rescue) Still alive (reappeared in Power Rangers: Super Legends in her insect form)
Deviot "The Lost Galactabeasts" (Lost Galaxy) "Journey's End" (Lost Galaxy) Destroyed after the Red Ranger destroyed Trakeena's amalgamed body which contained his evil powers. Bob Papenbrook (voice)
Venjix "The Road to Corinth" (RPM) "Danger and Destiny" (RPM) Destroyed after the Gold and Silver Ranger disabled the computer, briefly seen in the end of the episode that he still exists in Red Ranger's morpher, hinting he may return in the the RPM/Samurai crossover. Andrew Laing (voice)
Tenaya "Go for the Green" (RPM) "Danger and Destiny" (RPM) Turned good Adelaide Kane

The End of the seriesEdit

Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy was the first season to feature archvillains who are permanently destroyed at the end of the season by a Ranger team (though Trakeena is shown at the end of Lost Galaxy of leaving Terra Venture in spirit form). In the previous and future seasons:

  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Season 2): At the beginning of Season 2, Lord Zedd deposed Rita Repulsa and sent her from his palace in a dumpster, but he did not kill her.
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Season 3): Lord Zedd and Rita remained in command at the beginning of Season 3.
  • Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers: Hydro Hog is permanently destroyed by the Alien Rangers. Master Vile escapes.
  • Power Rangers Zeo: Lord Zedd and Rita were driven from the moon palace by the arrival of the Machine Empire, but they were not killed. At the end of Season 4, Lord Zedd assassinated the Royal House of Gadgetry. He and Rita then left for a vacation, leaving the planet open for the arrival of Divatox.
  • Power Rangers Turbo: At the end of Season 5, Divatox voluntarily retreated from Earth.
  • Power Rangers in Space: Darkonda, Dark Spectre and Ecliptor meet their end and most villains are destroyed into sand.
  • Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
  • The season made it clear that when demons are destroyed, they are sent to the Shadow World, and was later reinforced with the reappearance of the demon Diabolico in the finale emerging from the Shadow World. This being stated, it is pretty likely that Queen Bansheera never died in the finale and is just being beaten by her minions for eternity rather than being destroyed. Loki, Olympus, and Vypra are all destroyed, but possibly made their way to the Shadow World
  • Ransik and Nadira both turn to good and see the error of their ways. Gluto is rearrested and Frax is destroyed.
  • Master Org is destroyed, however three Orgs (Jindrax, Toxica, and Zen-Aku) are alive and reformed.
  • Lothor is sent to the Abyss of Evil, which is similar to the Shadow World. His generals are destroyed and his nieces return to the side of good.
  • Mesogog and Zeltrax are destroyed, Elsa is returned to being good.
  • All three major villains are captured (arrested) and are not destroyed.