The Silver Ranger is a designation to

List of Silver RangersEdit

Zhane (Justin Nimmo) is the Silver Space Ranger in Power Rangers in Space.

  • Suit Color: Silver with gold and green accents
  • Morpher: Digimorpher
  • Weapon: Super Silverizer - Blaster/Saber Mode
  • Vehicles: Silver Cycle, Galactic Rover
  • Zord: Mega Winger
    • Megazord: Mega Winger Megazord

Ryan Mitchell (Rhett Fisher) is the Titanium Ranger in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. He is the first known heroic Power Ranger without a Super Sentai counterpart.[1]

  • Suit Color: Metallic gray with gold accents
  • Morpher: Titanium Morpher
  • Weapon: Titanium Laser - Blaster/Axe Mode
  • Zord: Max Solarzord
    • Megazords: Max Solar Megazord, Lightspeed Solarzord

Merrick Baliton (Phillip Andrew) is the Lunar Wolf Ranger in Power Rangers Wild Force.[2]

  • Suit Color: Silver with navy blue accents
  • Morpher: Lunar Caller
  • Weapon: Lunar Cue - Sniper/Pool/Saber Mode
  • Vehicle: Lunar Wolf Savage Cycle
  • Wild Zords: Lunar Wolf, Alligator & Hammerhead Shark Wild Zords
    • Megazord: Predazord

The SPD Nova Ranger (Antonia Prebble) is the female counterpart of SPD Omega Ranger in Power Rangers SPD

  • Suit Color: Silver with navy blue accents
  • Morpher: Nova Morpher
  • Weapon: Nova Morpher - Electro Mode

Tyzonn (Dwayne Cameron) is the Mercury Ranger in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.

  • Suit Color: Aluminum silver and black with orange and steel blue accents
  • Morpher: Mercury Morpher
  • Weapon: Drive Detector
  • Zords: Rescue Runner 3, Rescue Runner 1, Rescue Runner 2
    • Megazord: Flash Point Megazord

Gemma (Li Ming Hu) is Ranger Silver in Power Rangers RPM

  • Suit Color: Silver with black accents
  • Morpher: Sky Shift Morpher
  • Weapon: Cloud Hatchet
  • Zord: Tiger Jet

Robo Knight (Chris Auer) is the 6th warrior in Power Rangers Megaforce

  • Suit Color: Silver with black accent
  • Morpher: Robo Morpher
  • Weapons: Robo Blaster, Robo Blade
  • Zords: Knight Brothers Zords