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The Power Rangers use their powers to defeat the forces of the Orgs, led by one Master Org. As Cole was fond of other animals, he was shocked to discover that the Orgs were literally heartless horned monsters. As the series continues, he finds out the truth about his real parents: his parents, Richard and Elizabeth Evans, were professors at Turtle Cove University, along with a family friend, Viktor Adler, a human reincarnation of the original Master Org. When they were sent to the jungle for research, they discover the remains of Master Org, in which a jealous Adler consumes in order to exact revenge on Richard, who had proposed to Elizabeth before he could. However, Adler goes insane, and kills both Richard and Elizabeth. For a while, their newborn son, Cole, was also presumed dead.

Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger


Power Rangers Wild Force LogoPower Rangers Wild Force


Morphin! Call: "Wild Access!"


Roll Calls: Guardians of the Earth, United we roar! Power Rangers Wild Force!"

Wild Force RangersEdit

Color Name Actor Images Roll Call
Red Wild Force Ranger Cole Evans Ricardo Medina Jr. Prwf-rg-cole "Blazing Lion!"
Yellow Wild Force Ranger Taylor Earhardt Alyson Kiperman Prwf-rg-taylor "Soaring Eagle!"
Blue Wild Force Ranger Max Cooper Philip Jeanmarie Prwf-rg-max "Surging Shark!"
Black Wild Force Ranger Danny Delgado Jack Guzman Prwf-rg-danny "Iron Bison!"
White Wild Force Ranger Alyssa Enrile Jessica Rey Prwf-rg-alyssa "Noble Tiger!"
Lunar Wolf Ranger Merrek Baliton Philip Andrew Prwf-rg-merrick "Howling Wolf!"

10 Red RangersEdit

Color Name Actor Images Roll Call
Red (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) Jason Lee Scott Austin St. John Mmpr-rg-jason "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!"
Red Alien Ranger Aurico Christopher Glenn Mmpr-rg-aurico "Red Alien Ranger!"
Red Zeo Ranger V Tommy Oliver Jason David Frank Prz-rg-tommy "Red Zeo Ranger!"
Red Turbo Ranger T.J. Johnson Selwyn Ward Prt-rg-tj "Red Turbo Ranger!"
Red Space Ranger Andros Christopher Khayman Lee Pris-rg-andros "Red Space Ranger!"
Galaxy Red Leo Corbett Danny Slavin Prlg-rg-leo "Go Galactic!"
Red Lightspeed Ranger Carter Grayson Sean Cw Johnson Prlr-rg-carter "Red Lightspeed Ranger!"
Time Force Red Wesley Collins Jason Faunt Prtf-rg-wes "Time Force!"
Quantum Ranger Eric Myers Daniel Southworth Prtf-rg-eric "Quantum Ranger!"
Red Wild Force Ranger Cole Evans Ricardo Medina Jr. Prwf-rg-cole "Blazing Lion!"

Evil RangersEdit

Color Name Actor Images Roll Call
Zen-Aku Zen-Aku Lex Lang Prwf-rg-zen-aku2 "I'm the Duke Org Zen-Aku!"

General Machine EmpireEdit

Color Name Images Roll Call
General Venjix General Venjix Prwf-vi-general venjix2 "I am General Venjix!"
Gerrock Gerrock Prwf-vi-gerrok "I am Gerrock!"
Tezzla Tezzla Prwf-vi-tezzla "I am Tezzla!"
Steelon Steelon Prwf-vi-steelon "I am Steelon!"
Automon Automon Prwf-vi-automon "I am Automon!"

Wild Force RangersEdit

Power Rangers Wild Force Ranger Form 10Edit

Red Wild Force Ranger Form Yellow Wild Force Ranger Form Blue Wild Force Ranger Form
White Wild Force Ranger Form Black Wild Force Ranger Form Lunar Wolf Ranger Form

Rangers Season Wild Force 10Edit

Prwf-rg-cole Prwf-rg-taylor Prwf-rg-max
Prwf-rg-danny Prwf-rg-alyssa Prwf-rg-merrick

Evil RangersEdit

Prwf-rg-zen-aku Prwf-rg-zen-aku2

General Machine EmpireEdit

Prwf-vi-general venjix2 Prwf-vi-gerrok Prwf-vi-tezzla
Prwf-vi-steelon Prwf-vi-automon

Wild Force Rangers Names PhotosEdit


  • Princess Shayla
  • Animus
  • Ransik
  • Nadira


  • Masters Org
  • Jindrax
  • Toxica
  • Retrinax
  • Nayzor
  • Mandilok
  • Zen-aku


  • Jungle Blaster - (Falconator, Deer Clutcher, Rhino Shooter, Sword of Pardolis, Armadillo Puck)
  • Armadillo Puck
  • Sword of Pardolis
  • Rhino Shooter
  • Deer Clutcher
  • Falconator
  • Falcon Summoner
  • Lion Blaster
  • Lunar Cue
  • Jungle Sword - (White Tiger Baton, Blue Shark Fighting Fins, Black Bison Axe, Golden Eagle Sword, Red Lion Fang)
  • Red Lion Fang
  • Golden Eagle Sword
  • Black Bison Axe
  • Blue Shark Fighting Fins
  • White Tiger Baton
  • Crystal Sabers


  • Wild Rider
  • Lunar Wolf Savage Cycle
  • Savage Cycles
  • Lunar Caller
  • Growl Phone
  • Animal Crystals


  • Pegasus Megazord
  • Animus Megazord
  • Isis Megazord
  • Predazord - Blue Moon
  • Predazord - Double Knuckle Mode
  • Predazord - Spear Mode
  • Predazord
  • Kongazord - Striker Spear mode
  • Kongazord - Striker Clutcher mode
  • Kongazord - Striker mode
  • Kongazord
  • Wild Force Megazord - Spear and Shield mode
  • Wild Force Megazord - Spear and Knuckle mode
  • Wild Force Megazord - Clutcher mode
  • Wild Force Megazord - Predator Spear mode
  • Wild Force Megazord - Predator mode
  • Wild Force Megazord - Striker mode
  • Wild Force Megazord - Double Knuckle mode
  • Wild Force Megazord - Spear mode
  • Wild Force Megazord - Sword and Shield mode
  • Wild Force Megazord


  • Yellow Jaguar Wildzord
  • Brown Buffalo Wildzord
  • Sawshark Wildzord
  • Blue Condor Wildzord
  • Black Lion Wildzord
  • Falcon Wildzord
  • Deer Wildzord
  • Armadillo Wildzord
  • Rhino Wildzord
  • Alligator Wildzord
  • Hammerhead Shark Wildzord
  • Wolf Wildzord
  • Green Gorilla Wildzord
  • Polar Bear Wildzord
  • Black Bear Wildzord
  • Giraffe Wildzord
  • Elephant Wildzord
  • White Tiger Wildzord
  • Black Bison Wildzord
  • Blue Shark Wildzord
  • Yellow Eagle Wildzord
  • Red Lion Wildzord


  1. Lionheart
    • Cole, Taylor, Max, Danny, Alyssa, Princess Shayla, Wild Force Rangers, Toxica, & Jindrax, Crystal Sabers, and Wild Force Weapons are introduced.
  2. Darkness Awakening
    • Master Org introduced.
  3. Click, Click, Zoom
  4. Never Give Up!
  5. Ancient Awakening
  6. Wishes On The Water
  7. The Bear Necessities
  8. Soul Searching
  9. Soul Bird Salvation
    • Retinaxe introduced and destroyed.
  10. Curse of the Wolf
    • Nayzor introduced. Zen-Aku introduced.
  11. Battle Of The Zords
  12. Predazord, Awaken
  13. Revenge Of Zen-Aku
  14. Identity Crisis
    • Animus introduced
  15. The Ancient Warrior
    • Merrick introduced. Zen-Aku destroyed.
  16. The Lone Wolf
    • Lunar Wolf Ranger introduced Nayzor destroyed
  17. Power Play
  18. Secrets And Lies
  19. The Tornado Spin
  20. Three's a Crowd
  21. A Father's Footsteps
  22. Sing Song
  23. The Wings of Animaria
    • Nayzor returns and is destroyed again and the Animarium Armor is introduced.
  24. Reinforcements from the Future, Pt. 1
    • Time Force teamup.
  25. Reinforcements from the Future, Pt. 2
    • Time Force teamup.
  26. The Master's Last Stand
    • Master Org finished. Mandilok introduced.
  27. Unfinished Business
    • Zen-Aku returns and is destroyed.
  28. Homecoming
  29. The Flute
  30. Team Carnival
    • Jungle Blaster is introduced
  31. Taming Of The Zords
  32. Monitoring Earth
  33. The Soul Of Humanity
  34. Forever Red
    • Red Ranger teamup.
  35. The Master's Herald, Pt. 1
    • Toxica & Mandilok are destroyed. Master Org Returns.
  36. The Master's Herald, Pt. 2
  37. Fishing for a Friend
    • Toxica Returns
  38. Sealing the Nexus
    • Toxica & Jindrax take off on the road.
  39. The End of the Power Rangers, Pt. 1
  40. The End of the Power Rangers, Pt. 2
    • Master Org destroyed. Rangers no longer needed.


  • Wild Force was the first season to have a narrator like it's Sentai counterpart.
  • At one point in the Wild Force intro you can see the faces of all 5 of the main Gaorangers as they transform. In addition, in the first Wild Force promo (the one that aired after Time Force ended), the full faces of 4 of the Japanese actors from Gaoranger, as they begin to transform, can be seen.
  • The first Wild Force promo actually used several clips from the Gaoranger intro.
  • First time Power Rangers actually copied a Sentai tranformation sequence in every detail. Incarnations like Zeo and Space were similar, along with the Magna Defender morph in Lost Galaxy, but not quite the same because it made modifications to the transformations; such as Zeo using gridlines and Space having "Morphing Complete" instead of "Mega (color) Ready", and a repainted Dairanger Aura Changer replacing Magna Defender's sword as a transformation device. However in the teamup special "Trakeena's Revenge (which used footage of GoGo 5 Vs. Gingaman, the Galaxy Rangers actually did use the Gingaman morph sequence.
  • It should be noted that Alyssa Enrilé (the White Wild Force Ranger) was the first Power Ranger known to attend college and serve as a Ranger simultaneously.
  • It was the first Power Rangers team to start off with an even number of individuals as Rangers (four). In Power Rangers in Space, there were technically two Rangers; but Zhane was incapacited at the time, so only one Ranger (Andros) remained. Likewise, in Power Rangers Time Force, only one individual, Alex - the original Red Time Force Ranger - was shown to have the ability to morph at the start of the season. All other seasons begin with an odd number with either three (Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder,S.P.D., and Jungle Fury) or five individuals receiving their powers simultaneously. (Note: Turbo doesn't count as it started off with four because, if Rocky would not have hurt himself, he would have received the Blue Turbo powers, and also the fact when the Turbo Rangers morphed for the very first time, Justin had already offically joined the team to become the Blue Turbo Ranger).
  • It was the first series where the Red Ranger (the leader) has been the last individual to join a Power Rangers team (followed by S.P.D., Mystic Force, Operation Overdrive and Jungle Fury).
  • It should also be noted that before the arrival of Cole, Taylor was the leader, thus making her the first known Yellow Ranger ever to lead a Power Ranger team.
  • This was the first regular Power Ranger series not to feature a Pink Ranger (though Alyssa's costume had pink accents. Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers did so first, although this one is not considered to be a complete season.
  • The series was unique in the fact that the villains are called 'Orgs', much like in Gaoranger. Even the monsters the Power Rangers had to defeat mostly had no name changes in the transition.
  • Wild Force has the distiction of featuring the oldest known Power Ranger (Merrick was 3,000 years old at the time of his release).
  • Merrick also has the distinction of being the first Power Ranger to sport facial hair (a goatee), (Tommy Oliver was the second which he displayed in his appearances in Dino Thunder, Leanbow of Mystic Force also had a small beard and a mustache). Generally, male Power Rangers are clean shaven.
  • Also, "Forever Red" was Tommy Oliver's first appearance to sport his short hair, which he retains in his later appearance in Dino Thunder.
  • It was the third series to feature villains who truly reformed and renounced their evil ways (the first was Astronema of Space, and the second were Ransik and Nadira in Time Force). Jindrax and Toxica aided the rangers in defeating Master Org and left to find their place in the world in the finale.
  • This season holds the record of the highest number of Zords featured: 22 (including the pieces of Animus; Baby Soul Bird is not counted, because it is not a Zord itself; it was stated to work as a cockpit. Adult Soul Bird and the last identified Zords don't count, since their appearances were nothing but cameos).
    • Max is the only Ranger in this season not to have 3 Zords, only possessing 2.
  • This series also has the current record for Power Ranger appearances from previous seasons, at 13. The first were the 6 Time Force Rangers, then the 7 Red rangers in "Forever Red." For a total including the 6 main Rangers, it would tie with SPD as both series featured 19 Rangers in a single season (SPD has 5 A and B-Squad each plus four additional in Doggie/Shadow Ranger, and Sam/Omega Ranger as regular Rangers, and Kat Manx and Nova Ranger for one respective episode, only plus the 5 Dino Rangers). Ironically, Tommy Oliver is included in both numbers of Rangers, first as the Red Zeo Ranger, and second as the Black Dino Ranger.
  • Although Master Org is an American-made villain, the costume used for him was recycled from the Gorma Emperor, who is the main villain in Gosei Sentai Dairanger.
  • Princess Shayla is the second female mentor.
  • This series gave the brief return of the comedy duo Bulk and Skull in "Forever Red" and was the last series to feature the two.
  • This was the last Power Ranger Series to be produced by MMPR Productions, and the first season to be developed completely under ownership of Disney.
  • The Time Force-Wild Force Teamup was the first known American-made teamup since there has never been a Gaoranger vs. Timeranger teamup, outside of fanfics.
  • This is the first season to show realistic blood.
  • "Forever Red" was the first episode to commemorate the anniversary of the Power Rangers franchise. This would repeat in Operation Overdrive with "Once A Ranger".
  • This is the first season since Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to not use wrist Morphers. They use cell phone-like Morphers instead. Also, this is the second series to feature cell phones as a Morpher. Zhane from Space was techinally the first.
  • Wild Force was also the third series to have a character killed off. Animus, in his human form, Kite, died when all of the Zords were taken away - though he may have returned unseen in the finale when all the Zords came back. The first was Zordon (from MMPR to Space), and the original Magna Defender and Kendrix Morgan (from Lost Galaxy) being the second and third (though Kendrix was revived at Lost Galaxy's finale).
  • According to an earlier script, Kendall, a girl Danny Delgado was madly in love with, was supposed to become a ranger.
  • Alyssa Enrilè seems to have a White Tiger Zord, similar to Tommy in the Mighty Morphin' Series
  • This Is The Final Series To Be Aired On Fox Kids till it was moved to ABC Kids.
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