Power Rangers RPM is the 17th series of Power Rangers. The series has received mixed to positive reviews and Disney dropped the franchise on September 1, 2009 due to financial problems from the previous series.

Engine Sentai Go-Onger


Power Rangers RPM LogoPower Rangers RPM 


Morphin! Call: "RPM! Get in Gear!"

RPM RangersEdit

Color Name Actor Picture Roll Call
Ranger Red Scott Truman Eka Darville Prrpm-rg-scott "RPM Red!"
Ranger Blue Flynn McAllistair Ari Boyland Prrpm-rg-flynn "RPM Blue!"
Ranger Yellow Summer Landsdown Rose McIver Prrpm-rg-summer "RPM Yellow!"
Ranger Green Ziggy Grover Milo Cawthorne Prrpm-rg-ziggy "RPM Green!"
Ranger Black Dillon Daniel Ewing Prrpm-rg-dillon "RPM Black!"
Ranger Gold Gem Mike Ginn Prrpm-rg-gem "RPM Gold!"
Ranger Silver Gemma Li Ming Hu Prrpm-rg-gemma "RPM Silver!"

RPM RangersEdit

Power Rangers RPM Ranger Form 17Edit

Red RPM Ranger Form Blue RPM Ranger Form Yellow RPM Ranger Form
Green RPM Ranger Form Black RPM Ranger Form
Gold RPM Ranger Form Silver RPM Ranger Form

Rangers Season RPM 17 Edit

Prrpm-rg-scott Prrpm-rg-flynn Prrpm-rg-summer
Prrpm-rg-ziggy Prrpm-rg-dillon
Prrpm-rg-gem Prrpm-rg-gemma

RPM Rangers Names PhotosEdit


The show recieved mostly mixed to positive reviews from critics. It has rating of 65% on Cartoon


  • Marcus Truman
  • Dr. K
  • Colonel Mason Truman


  • Kilobyte
  • Tenaya 15
  • Tenaya 7
  • General Crunch
  • General Shifter
  • Venjix - Generation Final Body
  • Venjix - Generation 13 Upgraded Body
  • Venjix - Generation 13 Body
  • Venjix - Generation 13 Body
  • Venjix


  • Wheel Blaster
  • Rail Blaster - (Nitro Blaster, Rail Saber)
  • Rail Saber
  • SkyShift Blazer - (Cloud Hatchet, Sky Morpher)
  • Cloud Hatchet
  • RPM Enforcer - (Street Saber, Turbo Cannon, Zip Charger, Rocket Blaster, Turbo Axe)
  • Turbo Plasma Launcher - (Rocket Blaster, Turbo Axe)
  • Turbo Axe
  • Rocket Blaster
  • Road Blaster - (Street Saber, Turbo Cannon, Zip Charger)
  • Zip Charger
  • Turbo Cannon
  • Street Saber
  • Nitro Blaster


  • Sky Morpher
  • Rev Morpher
  • Cell Shift Morpher
  • Engine Cells


  • RPM Ultrazord
  • PaleoMax Megazord
  • SkyRev Megazord
  • Mach Megazord
  • Zenith Megazord
  • ValveMax Megazord
  • High Octane Megazord with Falcon Zord and Tiger Jet
  • High Octane Megazord with Tail Spinner
  • High Octane Megazord with Wolf Cruiser
  • High Octane Megazord


  • Paleozord
  • Road Attack Zord
  • Whale Jumbo Jet
  • Tiger Jet
  • Falcon Chopper
  • Croc Carrier
  • Tail Spinner
  • Wolf Cruiser
  • Bear Crawler
  • Lion Hauler
  • Eagle Racer


  1. The Road to Corinth
    • The Rangers introduced.
  2. Fade to Black
  3. Rain
    • Dillon becomes the Black RPM Ranger.
  4. Go For the Green
    • Ziggy becomes the Green RPM Ranger. Tenaya is introduced.
  5. Handshake
  6. Ranger Green
  7. Ranger Red
  8. Ranger Yellow Part I
  9. Ranger Yellow Part II
  10. Ranger Blue
  11. Doctor K
    • Gem & Gemma are introduced.
  12. Blitz
  13. Brother’s Keeper
  14. Embodied
    • Gem & Gemma becomes the Gold & Silver RPM Rangers.
  15. Ghosts
  16. In or Out
  17. Prisoners
  18. Belly of the Beast
  19. Three's a Crowd
  20. Heroes Among Us
  21. Not So Simple
  22. The Dome Dolls
  23. And... Action!
  24. Ancient History
  25. Key to the Past
  26. Beyond A Doubt
  27. Control-Alt-Delete
  28. Run Ziggy Run
  29. If Venjix Won
  30. End Game
  31. Danger and Destiny Part I
    • Zords and Gem & Gemma deleted by Venjix.
  32. Danger and Destiny Part II
    • Zords revived by Doctor K. Grinders deleted. Venjix deactivated.


  • Torque Megazord is a special Megazord created for the toyline. Its elements combine with the other zords. It did not make an appearance in the actual series.
  • Even if one does not count the Torque Megazord, RPM has the most Megazord formations of any season at 7 (High Octane Megazord, ValveMax Megazord, Zenith Megazord, Mach Megazord, SkyRev Megazord, RPM Ultrazord, and PaleoMax Megazord).
  • It is the first season in which a good character is directly responsible for the villains' rise to power (Dino Thunder may count as the first, but it is debatable whether Dr. O's actions were directly responsible for Mesogog's rise)
  • This is the second season to not have the word "Go!" in the opening theme song. (the first was Dino Thunder and this does not include Dr. K's explanation about Venjix)
  • First series to have the end credits during the show.
  • It is the first to have a Scottish character, Ranger or otherwise. However, this is not the first character to have a Scottish dialect; Klank from Power Rangers Zeo also had a Scottish dialect. However, he is not technically Scottish, being a robot of the Machine Empire.
  • It is the third season where some Rangers are never shown receiving their powers (the first is Zeo with Trey of Triforia, and the second is In Space, with Andros and Zhane).
  • This is the third season to have an African-American as the Red Ranger. TJ, the Red Turbo Ranger, was the first. And Jack Landors, the SPD Red Ranger, was the second, but the first season where an African-American Red Ranger retains his Ranger powers for an entire series. TJ had his powers transferred from Tommy, and Jack retired, making Sky and later Bridge the new Red Ranger.
  • This is the first season to not show how the Rangers initially received their powers.
  • This is the second season to use the word 'Venjix', the first one being Power Rangers Wild Force, who had a General Venjix as part of a splinter of the Machine Empire.
  • This is the first season to have Zords that are a hybrid between animal & vehicle.
  • The Shark Zord is actually an Orca, as Orca's have flat tails while sharks have tails that are vertical. Likewise the Wolf Zord is actually a German Shepard, which is a wolf-like dog. The Falcon Zord is also actually a chicken/rooster.
  • This is the sixth series not to feature a Pink Ranger, the first was Alien Rangers, the second was Wild Force (though Alyssa Enrilé's white suit has pink accents), the third was Ninja Storm, the fourth was Dino Thunder, and the fifth was Jungle Fury.
  • This is the first Power Rangers team to include both Silver and Gold Rangers, and fourth to have more than six Rangers on a team. First season was SPD, second to be Mystic Force (if you count Solaris Knight and Wolf Warrior as Rangers), and third to be Jungle Fury (if you count the Spirit Rangers)
  • This the second season where a Ranger has robotic parts. The first one is Operation Overdrive where Mack is an android (though he later became human). In Dillon's case, he is a human-cyborg hybrid.
  • This is the second season to have the setting in an artificial living environment, the first is Lost Galaxy.
  • This is the first season to appear only on ABC rather than Jetix or Fox Kids. This is because the show was dropped when Jetix was replaced by Disney XD. It did air on Jetix/Disney XD in other countries such as the United Kingdom.
  • Olivia Tennet, who plays Dr. K, was 17 years old when production began on the series, and 18 by the time the series aired.. Assuming Dr. K is the same age, she is the youngest mentor in the entire Power Rangers series.
  • RPM is the fourth series to have featured deaths of characters that weren't villains on-screen. The first series, Power Rangers: In Space, had Zordon sacrificing himself to destroy the United Alliance of Evil; the second series, Lost Galaxy, had the original Magna Defender and Kendrix Morgan (though she was later revived and was the first ever Ranger to sacrifice themself); the third series, Wild Force, had Kite, Animus' human form; and in this series Scott's brother, Marcus Truman, and Summer's butler, Andrews both sacrificed themselves to save each of their respective loved one.
  • This is the first season where a member of the team is sent to jail while serving as a Ranger.
  • This is the third season to have a Gold Ranger. Jason, the Gold Zeo Ranger, was the first. Daggeron, the Solaris Knight was the second.
  • This is the sixth season to have a Silver Ranger. Zhane, the Silver Space Ranger, was the first. Ryan Mitchell, the Titanium Ranger, was the second. Merrick Baliton, the Lunar Wolf Ranger, was the third. Nova, the SPD Nova Ranger, was the fourth. And Tyzonn, the Mercury Ranger, was the fifth. This is also the second season to have a Silver Ranger actually referred to as a "Silver Ranger", and the second to have a female Silver Ranger.
  • So far this is the only season to directly mention their Sentai counterpart, in this case, Go-Onger. This is also the first season to use and state it as part of their arsenal. In an episode of Ninja Storm, footage of all 3 unmorphed Hurricangers can be seen on TV while in the episode 'Lost and Found in Translation' from Dino Thunder, the Rangers are watching a dubbed episode from Abaranger, it was heavily edited to not actually mentioning Abaranger at all.
  • Strangley enough, Go-Onger and RPM's themes are entirely distant to one another, while Go-Onger settles on a Beast Racing theme, RPM's theme was set in a post-apocalyptic future.
  • This is the second season to have the main villain seen in different bodies, rather than other main villains transforming into monstrous forms. The first was Wild Force.
  • A "Jungle Karma Pizza" joint, the same restaurant where the Jungle Fury Rangers worked in, was seen inside Corinth (though it was obviously not the same location). This was seen in "Ranger Green".
  • This is the first season in which there's an episode that tells about behind-the-scenes of Power Rangers, as opposed to a special such as the one Operation Overdrive had.
  • This is the second season that features a wheel based Zord; the Road Attack Zord. The first was Zeo with the Warrior Wheel.
  • At Alphabet Soup, Tenaya 7 found The Red Operation Overdrive Ranger's helmet worn by Mack Hartford in Ancient History.
  • This is the fourth season where a Ranger is directly blood related to a villain, the first being In Space where Andros is the brother of Astronema, Ninja Storm where Cam is the nephew of Lothor, third being Mystic Force with Koragg/Leanbow is the husband of Udonna and father of Nick, and finally Dillon being the brother of Tenaya 7.
  • This is the fifth season where the villains related to Rangers have truly redeemed themselves. The first being In Space where Astronema gave up her evil ways after discovering Andros was her brother and later became the successor of Kendrix as the Pink Galaxy Ranger. The second being Time Force, where Ransik surrendered to the Rangers after almost killing his daughter Nadira, went to prison for his crimes, and was later purged of his mutant half during the crossover with Wild Force. Also, Nadira decided to stop being evil after playing with human children and realizing that hatred was just a vicious cycle. The third being Ninja Storm's Marah and Kapri when they were betrayed by Lothor and later enrolled at the Wind Ninja Academy. The fourth being Mystic Force with Leanbow, who was Koragg, and later joined the Rangers as the Wolf Warrior. This being the fifth season as Tenaya 7 assisted the rangers to find base codes
  • This is the second season to have the title name in acronyms. SPD was the first.
  • This is the first season to begin in any other month than February since Turbo and also the first season since Mighty Morphin to air new episodes in the month of December.
  • This is the first season where there is no role call when the Rangers morph.
  • This is the fifth season to have the characters wearing the same clothes every episode and the eighth to have some form of uniform directly linked to being Rangers (though it can be argued that SPD doesn't count as the uniform only gains a little color).
  • This is the second season to have a Green and Black Ranger on active duty at the same time, the first being MMPR Season 1 (though it can be argued that Adam and Xander from the fifteen year reunion episodes "Once a Ranger" in Operation Overdrive and the Elephant and Bat Spirit Rangers from Jungle Fury count).
  • RPM was originally going to be the last season for the Power Rangers Series; however, this was changed when Haim Saban decided to buy the the show back from Disney and decided to bring an 18th season called Power Rangers Samurai.
  • RPM is the third series of Power Rangers to be themed after high-tech automobiles. The first two were Turbo and Operation Overdrive.
  • The Finale episode marks the 700th Episode mark.


On January 20, 2009, there were rumours that the show would be cancelled in the end of 2009.

On March 6, 2009 (one day before RPM's premiere), an article of The New Zealand Herald reported that Power Rangers RPM is the last season of the Power Rangers run. Production manager Sally Campbell stated in an interview " this stage we will not be shooting another season".[1]

A September 1, 2009, revision to Disney A to Z: The Official Encyclopedia by Disney's head archivist Dave Smith states that production of new episodes of Power Rangers ceased in 2009.[2] A re-version of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers began broadcasting in early 2010 instead.

Many fans felt very sad about the cancellation and decided to start a petition to bring back Power Rangers. Unfortunately, the petition was rejected by Disney. However, Saban accepted the petition and on May 25, 2010, Haim Saban's Saban Brands bought the Power Rangers franchise back from Disney[3] and production was restarted during that year for a 2011 series.[4]


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