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A short time ago, there was a dimension filled with wonderful magic. But then darkness came into power and a great battle began...An army of the Undead led by a powerful warrior - Morticon swarmed over the land setting their signs on the human realm and beyond. All seemed hopeless when a small legion of brave and true wizards came forth against insurmountable odds. They drove the evil back from the edge of the human world. And then the greatest wizard of them all - Leanbow cast a spell that sent the armies into the Underworld. He sealed darkness inside giant gates for eternity. The evil disappeared from the surface world. But with great victory comes great loss. The human world never knew of the great battle or the sacrifices that were made to save them from destruction.

Mahou Sentai Magiranger


Power Rangers Mystic Force LogoPower Rangers Mystic Force


Morphin! Call: "Magical Source! Mystic Force!"

Morphin! Call: "Legendary Source! Mystic Force!"


Roll Calls: We call forth the magic, together as one, united for all times! Power Rangers Mystic Force!"
Roll Calls: We call forth the power of light magic, Mystic Force Legend Warriors!"

Mystic Force RangersEdit

Color Name Actor Images Roll Call
Red Mystic Ranger Nick Russell Firass Dirani Prmf-rg-nick "Fearsome as Fire! Red Mystic Ranger!"
Yellow Mystic Ranger Charlie Thorn Nic Sampson Prmf-rg-chip "Fast as Lightning! Yellow Mystic Ranger!"
Blue Mystic Ranger Madison Rocca Melanie Vallejo Prmf-rg-madison "Fluid as the Sea! Blue Mystic Ranger!"
Pink Mystic Ranger Vida Rocca Angie Diaz Prmf-rg-vida "Ever-changing as the Wind! Pink Mystic Ranger!"
Green Mystic Ranger Alexander Bly Richard Brancatisano Prmf-rg-xander "Strong as a Tree! Green Mystic Ranger!"
White Mystic Ranger I Udonna Peta Rutte Prmf-rg-udonna "Flurry of Snow! White Mystic Ranger!"
White Mystic Ranger II Clare Langtree Antonia Prebble Prmf-rg-clare "Flurry of Snow! White Mystic Ranger!"
Knight Wolf I Koragg Geoff Dolan Prmf-rg-koragg "I am Koragg the Knight Wolf! Uthe Mejor!"
Gatekeeper Clare Langtree Antonia Prebble Prmf-al-clare "Power of the Shining Moon! Behold, The Gatekeeper!"
Solaris Knight Daggeron John Tui Prmf-rg-daggeron2 "Power of the Sun! Solaris Knight!"
Wolf Warrior Leanbow Chris Graham Prmf-rg-leanbow "Burning Heart of Fire! Wolf Warrior, Defender of Truth!"
Red Mystic Ranger II Bowen Firass Dirani Prmf-rg-bowen "Fearsome as Fire! Red Mystic Ranger!"
Knight Wolf II Bowen Firass Dirani Prmf-rg-bowen2 "Uthe Mejor!"

Legend Warrior RangersEdit

Color Name Actor Images Roll Call
Red Legend Warrior Ranger Nick Russell Firass Dirani Prmf-rg-nick-legendmode "Element of Fire! Red Legend Warrior!"
Yellow Legend Warrior Ranger Charlie Thorn Nic Sampson Prmf-rg-chip-legendmode "Element of Lightning! Yellow Legend  Warrior!"
Blue Legend Warrior Ranger Madison Rocca Melanie Vallejo Prmf-rg-madison-legendmode "Element of Water! Blue Legend Warrior!"
Pink Legend Warrior Ranger Vida Rocca Angie Diaz Prmf-rg-vida-legendmode "Element Of Wind! Pink Legend Warrior!"
Green Legend Warrior Ranger Alexander Bly Richard Brancatisano Prmf-rg-xander-legendmode "Element of Earth! Green Legend Warrior!"

Mystic Force RangersEdit

Power Rangers Mystic Force Ranger Form 14Edit

Red Mystic Ranger Form Yellow Mystic Ranger Form Blue Mystic Ranger Form
Pink Mystic Ranger Form Green Mystic Ranger Form Solaris Knight Ranger Form
White Mystic Ranger Form Wolf Warrior Ranger Form Knight Wolf Ranger Form
Solaris Knight Ranger Form Solaris Knight Ranger Form2

Rangers Season Mystic Force 14Edit

Prmf-rg-nick Prmf-rg-chip Prmf-rg-madison
Prmf-rg-vida Prmf-rg-xander Prmf-rg-daggeron
Prmf-rg-udonna Prmf-rg-leanbow Prmf-rg-koragg
Prmf-rg-bowen Prmf-rg-bowen2

Power Rangers Mystic Force Ranger Form Legend Mode 14Edit

Red Mystic Ranger Legend Mode Yellow Mystic Ranger Legend Mode Blue Mystic Ranger Legend Mode
Pink Mystic Ranger Legend Mode Green Mystic Ranger Legend Mode

Rangers Legend ModeEdit

Prmf-rg-nick-legendmode Prmf-rg-chip-legendmode Prmf-rg-madison-legendmode
Prmf-rg-vida-legendmode Prmf-rg-xander-legendmode

Mystic Force Rangers Names PhotosEdit


  • Nikki
  • Mystic Mother
  • Snow Prince
  • Tribunal of Magic
  • Mystic Wizards
  • Fire Heart
  • Jenji
  • Leelee
  • Phineas
  • Toby
  • Clare


  • Necrolai
  • Koragg
  • Imperious
  • Morticon
  • The Master


  • Mystic Lion Staff
  • Magi Staffs


  • Wolf Morpher
  • Fierce Dragon Morpher
  • Solar Cell Morphe
  • Mystic Morpher


  • Phoenix Unizord
  • Manticore Megazord
  • Solar Streak Megazord
  • Centaurus Phoenix Megazord
  • Centaurus Wolf Megazord
  • Titan Megazord


  • Brightstar
  • Mystic Lion
  • Mystic Firebird
  • Solar Streak
  • Catastros
  • Mystic Minotaur
  • Mystic Sprite
  • Mystic Mermaid
  • Mystic Garuda
  • Mystic Phoenix


  1. Broken Spell I
  2. Broken Spell II
  3. Code Busters
  4. Rock Solid
  5. Whispering Voices
  6. Legendary Catastros
  7. Fire Heart
  8. Stranger Within I
  9. Stranger Within II
  10. Petrified Xander
  11. The Gatekeeper
  12. The Gatekeeper II
  13. Scaredy Cat
  14. Long Ago
  15. Inner Strength
  16. Soul Specter
  17. Ranger Down
  18. Dark Wish I
  19. Dark Wish II
  20. Dark Wish III
  21. Koragg's Trial
  22. Heir Apparent I
  23. Heir Apparent II
    • Koragg reverts himself back into Leanbow.
  24. The Light
  25. The Hunter
  26. Hard Heads
  27. The Snow Prince
    • Udonna gets her powers back.
  28. Light Source I
  29. Light Source II
  30. The Return
    • Leanbow becomes the Wolf Warrior.
  31. Mystic Fate I
  32. Mystic Fate II
    • The Master destroyed by the Rangers.


  • This is the first Power Rangers series to simultaneously feature female Blue and Pink Rangers, as well as a male Yellow Ranger on the same team.
  • This is the first Power Ranger team to not pilot their zords but rather become them. A similar technique is seen in Jungle Fury later on, but in reverse where the Animal Spirits (zords) become the Spirit Rangers. However, the Rangers would still go to a cockpit when forming the Titan Megazord.
  • Kelson Henderson (Boom in Power Rangers: SPD) has a role in this series (making the third series in a row that he has been in at some point). He plays Phineas.
  • Antonia Prebble (Krista in Power Rangers: Dino Thunder, and the voice of S.P.D. Nova Ranger in Power Rangers: SPD) has a role in Mystic Force as Clare, The Sorceresses' Apprentice.
  • This is the first Power Rangers team to feature capes as part of their uniforms. (Note: The Magna Defender from Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy also had a cape. However his position as a Power Ranger is disputed.)
  • This is the first full "down under" cast since the move to New Zealand (composed of 4 Aussies and 1 Kiwi). In Power Rangers: Ninja Storm, one actor was from Brazil (Glenn McMillan), one from Malaysia (Jason Chan), one from Canada (Jorgito Vargas), one from Samoa (Pua Magasiva), and the remaining two from either New Zealand and Australia. In "Dino Thunder", Jason David Frank, Kevin Duhaney, and Jeffrey Pazzaro were from North America, while James Napier and Emma Lahana were from New Zealand. The five core "SPD" rangers were all from North America.
  • This is the second Power Rangers team not to feature an African American; the first was Power Rangers: Ninja Storm.
  • "Mystic Force" is the first series to be part of a joint-project between Disney and Toei (the first part being it's Japanese counterpart, Mahou Sentai Magiranger)
  • In one of the Mystic Force promos, you can see the Japanese counterparts, the Ozu Family from Magiranger; as well as their ally, Rin/Lunagel. This kind of awkward editing wasn't seen in PR promos since Wild Force.
  • Madison and Vida are sisters. Mystic Force is the 1st series with two sisters as Power Rangers, and the 3rd in team with siblings.
  • Mystic Force is the first Power Rangers series to have a Parent(s) & Child angle: Nick (Bowen), Udonna, & Leanbow.
  • Mystic Mother, formerly known as Rita Repulsa, was the source of the Mystic Force powers and established their connection to the morphing grid.
  • While SPD Rangers don't appear, their ally Piggy (played by Barnie Duncan, who also does Toby) does. He chats with Jenji saying that "In 20 years this place will be crawling with aliens", referencing SPD.
  • This is the first season to start of chain of 32 episodes per season.
  • This is the first season that has that shade of red on the red ranger.
  • This is the first season to use the term "Ranger Up!", a phrase to get the Rangers ready to morph.
  • Episode 28: Light Source I meets the 600th Episode Mark.
  • This is the first series since Zeo to have the rangers not wearing their colors at one point.
  • This Is The Final Series To Be Aired On ABC Family.
  • On September 21, 2005 Ron Wasserman received word from Disney that the rap-style theme he submitted was denied, but his other, more rock-style theme was still being overlooked. He then posted the rap-style theme on a fan message board.
  • On October 11, 2005 Ron Wasserman was informed by Disney that they will not be using either of the themes he submitted. He then posted the rock-style theme on a fan message board.
  • On November 7, 2005 Toon Disney aired the first teaser promo for "Power Rangers Mystic Force".[1]
  • On November 14, 2005 Toon Disney aired a 30-second and a 1-minute promo for "Power Rangers Mystic Force". [2]
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