The morphing calls the rangers are using to call their power. There is no specific order for the morphing sequence.

Mighty Morphin Power RangersEdit

Roll Call Team-Morph: "It's Morphin' Time!"

  • Tommy: "Dragonzord!"
  • Zack: "Mastodon!"
  • Kimberly: "Pterodactyl!"
  • Billy: "Triceratops!"
  • Trini: "Saber-Toothed Tiger!"
  • Jason: "Tyrannosaurus!"
  • Jason: "We're back and ready to morph into Action!"
  • Tommy: "Six, Working to together to fight evil!"
  • Zack: "..... And stop Rita!"
  • Billy: ".....And all her menacing monsters!"
  • Trini: "....From destroying our Planet Earth!"
  • Kimberly: "......And ruling the Universe with evil!"
  • Jason: "Look out Rita we're not backing down cause we're the......!"
  • All: "Power Rangers!"

Season 2

Roll Call Team-Morph 2: "It's Morphin' Time!"

  • Tommy: "Dragonzord/Tigerzord!"
  • Zack/Adam: "Mastodon!"
  • Kimberly: "Pterodactyl!"
  • Billy: "Triceratops!"
  • Trini/Aisha: "Saber-Toothed Tiger!"
  • Jason/Rocky: "Tyrannosaurus!"
  • All: "Power Rangers!"

Season 3

Roll Call Team-Morph 3: "It's Morphin' Time!"

  • Tommy: "White Ranger Power!"
  • Adam: "Black Ranger Power!"
  • Kimberly/Kat: "Pink Ranger Power!"
  • Billy: "Blue Ranger Power!"
  • Aisha: "Yellow Ranger Power!"
  • Rocky: "Red Ranger Power!"
  • All: "Power Rangers!"

Roll Call Team-Morph 4: "Ninja Ranger Power Now!"

Mighty Morphin Alien RangersEdit

Roll Call Team-Morph: "It's Morphin' Time!

  • All: "Rangers of Aquitar, Full Power!"
  • All: "Power Of Water, Power Of Light, Powers Unite!"

Roll Call Team-Morph 2: "Time for Aquitar Ranger Power!"

Roll Call Team-Morph 3: "Rangers of Aquitar, we need full power!"

Power Rangers ZeoEdit

Roll Call Team-Morph: "It's Morphin' Time!"

  • Kat: "Zeo Ranger I: Pink!"
  • Tanya: "Zeo Ranger II: Yellow!"
  • Rocky: "Zeo Ranger III: Blue!"
  • Adam: "Zeo Ranger IV: Green!"
  • Tommy: "Zeo Ranger V: Red!"
  • Jason: "Gold Ranger Power!"
  • All: "Power Rangers Zeo!"

Roll Call Team-Morph (first appearance only): "Power Ranger! Zeo!"

Power Rangers TurboEdit

Roll Call Team-Morph (1st team): "Shift Into Turbo!"

  • Tommy/T.J: "Red Lighting Turbo Power! Turbo Up!"
  • Justin: "Mountain Blaster Turbo Power!Turbo Up!"
  • Adam/Carlos: "Desert Thunder Turbo Power! Turbo Up!"
  • Tanya/Ashley: "Dune Star Turbo Power! Turbo Up!"
  • Kat/Cassie: "Wind Chaser Turbo Power! Turbo Up!"

Roll Call Team-Morph (2nd team): "Shift Into Turbo!"

  • T.J: "Red Turbo Ranger!"
  • Justin: "Blue Turbo Ranger!"
  • Carlos: "Green Turbo Ranger!"
  • Ashley: "Yellow Turbo Ranger!"
  • Cassie: "Pink Turbo Ranger!"
  • All: "Alright! Power Rangers Turbo!"

Power Rangers In SpaceEdit

Roll Call Team-Morph: "Let's Rocket!"

  • Andros: "Power Red!"
  • Carlos: "Power Black!"
  • TJ: "Power Blue!"
  • Ashley: "Power Yellow!"
  • Cassie: "Power Pink!"
  • Zhane: "Power Silver!"
  • All: "Power Rangers Power Up!"

Power Rangers Lost GalaxyEdit

Roll Call Team-Morph: "Go Galactic!" Mike's Morph: "Magna Power!"

  • Leo: "Galaxy Red!"
  • Kai: "Galaxy Blue!"
  • Damon: "Galaxy Green!"
  • Maya: "Galaxy Yellow!"
  • Kendrix/Karone: "Galaxy Pink!"
  • Mike: "Magna Defender!"

Power Rangers Lightspeed RescueEdit

Roll Call Team-Morph: "Lightspeed Rescue!" Ryan's Morph:"Titanium Power!"

  • Carter: "Red Ranger Rescue ready!"
  • Chad: "Blue Ranger Rescue ready!"
  • Joel: "Green Ranger Rescue ready!"
  • Kelsey: "Yellow Ranger Rescue ready!"
  • Dana: "Pink Ranger Rescue ready!"
  • Ryan: "Titanium Ranger Rescue ready!"

Power Rangers Time ForceEdit

Roll Call Team-Morph: "Time For Time Force!" Eric's Morph: "Quantum Power!"

  • Wes: "Time Force Red!"
  • Jenn: "Time Force Pink!"
  • Lucas: "Time Force Blue!"
  • Katie: "Time Force Yellow!"
  • Trip: "Time Force Green!"
  • Eric: "Quantum Ranger"
  • All: "Power Rangers Time Force!"

Power Rangers Wild ForceEdit

Roll Call Team-Morph: "Wild Access! Ha!"

  • Cole: "Blazing Lion!"
  • Taylor: "Soaring Eagle!"
  • Max: "Surging Shark!"
  • Danny: "Iron Bison!"
  • Alyssa: "Noble Tiger!"
  • Merrick: "Howling Wolf!"
  • Cole: "Guardians Of The Earth, United We Roar! Power Rangers...!"
  • All: "...Wild Force!"

Power Rangers Ninja StormEdit

Wind RangersEdit

Roll Call Team-Morph: "Ninja Storm! Ranger Form! Ha!"

  • Shane: "Power of Air!"
  • Tori: "Power of Water!"
  • Dustin: "Power of Earth!"

Thunder RangersEdit

Roll Call Team-Morph: "Thunder Storm! Ranger Form! Ha!"

  • Hunter & Blake: "Power of Thunder!"


Roll Call Morph: "Samurai Storm! Ranger Form! Ha!"

  • Cam: "Green Samurai Power! Samurai Ranger, Full Power!"

Ninja Storm RangersEdit

Roll Call Team 2:

  • Shane: "Power of Air!"
  • Tori: "Power of Water!"
  • Dustin: "Power of Earth!"
  • Hunter: "Crimson Thunder!"
  • Blake: "Navy Thunder!"
  • Cam: "Samurai Power!"
  • All: "Ninja Storm!"

Power Rangers Dino ThunderEdit

Roll Call Team-Morph: "Dino Thunder, Power Up! Ha!" Trent's Morph: "White Ranger, Dino Power!"

  • Conner: "Tyranno Power! Red Ranger!"
  • Ethan: "Tricera Power! Blue Ranger!"
  • Kira: "Ptera Power! Yellow Ranger!"
  • Tommy: "Brachio Power! Black Ranger!"
  • Trent: "Drago Power! White Ranger!"
  • All: "Dino Rangers!"

Power Rangers S.P.D.Edit

Roll Call Team-Morph: "S.P.D. Emergency!"

  • Jack: "One! S.P.D. Red Ranger!"
  • Sky: "Two! S.P.D. Blue Ranger!"
  • Bridge: "Three! S.P.D. Green Ranger!"
  • Z: "Four! S.P.D. Yellow Ranger!"
  • Sydney: "Five! S.P.D. Pink Ranger!"
  • All: "Rangers ready! Space Patrol Delta, Defenders Of Earth!"
  • Doggie: "Defender of the galaxy! S.P.D. Shadow Ranger!"
  • Sam: Force from the future! S.P.D. Omega Ranger!"
  • Kat: "S.P.D. Kat Ranger!"
  • Nova: Force from the future! S.P.D. Nova Ranger!"

SWAT TeamEdit

Roll Call Team-Morph: "S.P.D. SWAT Mode!"

  • Jack: "Special Weapons and Tactics! SWAT Mode Red!"
  • Sky: "SWAT Mode Blue!"
  • Bridge: "SWAT Mode Green!"
  • Z: "SWAT Mode Yellow!"
  • Sydney: "SWAT Mode Pink!"
  • All: "S.P.D. SWAT!"

Power Rangers Mystic ForceEdit

Roll Call Team-Morph: "Magical Source, Mystic Force!" ("Galwit Mysto Ranger")

  • Nick: "Fearsome/Forceful as Fire, Red Mystic Ranger!"
  • Chip: "Fast as Lightning, Yellow Mystic Ranger!"
  • Madison: "Fluid as the sea, Blue Mystic Ranger!"
  • Vida: "Ever-changing at the wind, Pink Mystic Ranger!"
  • Xander: "Strong as tree, Green Mystic Ranger!"
  • Udonna: "Flurry of Snow, White Mystic Ranger!"
  • Daggeron: "Power of the Sun, Solaris Knight!"
  • Leanbow: "Burning Heart of Fire! Wolf Warrior, Defender Of Truth!"
  • All: "We call fourth the magic, Together as one, United for all time. Power Rangers Mystic Force!"

Legendary WarriorsEdit

Roll Call Team-Morph: "Legendary Source, Mystic Force!" ("Galwit Mysto Neramax")

  • Nick: "Element of Fire! Red Legend Warrior!"
  • Chip: "Element of Lightning! Yellow Legend Warrior!"
  • Madison: "Element of Water! Blue Legend Warrior!"
  • Vida: "Element of Wind! Pink Legend Warrior!"
  • Xander: "Element of Earth! Green Legend Warrior!"
  • All: "We call fourth the magic! Mystic Force Legend Warriors!"

Power Rangers Operation OverdriveEdit

Roll Call Team-Morph: "Overdrive Accelerate!"

  • Mack: "Kick Into Overdrive! Red Ranger!"
  • Will: "Kick Into Overdrive! Black Ranger!"
  • Dax: "Kick Into Overdrive! Blue Ranger!"
  • Ronny: "Kick Into Overdrive! Yellow Ranger!"
  • Rose: "Kick Into Overdrive! Pink Ranger!"
  • Tyzonn: "Kick Into Overdrive! Mercury Ranger!"
  • All: "Call To Adventure! Power Rangers Operation Overdrive!"

Power Rangers Jungle FuryEdit

Roll Call Team-Morph: "Jungle Beast, Spirit Unleashed!"

  • Casey: "With the strength of a Tiger! Jungle Fury Red Ranger!"
  • Lily: "With the speed of a Cheetah! Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger!"
  • Theo: "With the stealth of a Jaguar! Jungle Fury Blue Ranger!"
  • RJ: "With the courage of a Wolf! Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger!"
  • Dominic: "With the power of a Rhino! Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger!"
  • Bat Spirit Ranger: "With the spirit of a Bat! Jungle Fury Bat Ranger!"
  • Shark Spirit Ranger: "With the spirit of a Shark! Jungle Fury Shark Ranger!"
  • Elephant Spirit Ranger: "With the spirit of an Elephant! Jungle Fury Elephant Ranger!"
  • Jarrod: "With the spirit of the mighty lion! Black Lion Warrior!"
  • Camille: "With the cunning of a chameleon! Green Chameleon Warrior!"
  • All: "We summon the Animal Spirits from within! Power Rangers Jungle Fury!"

Jungle MastersEdit

Roll Call Team-Morph: "Jungle Master Mode!"

  • Casey: "Spirit of the Tiger, full fury! Jungle Master Red Ranger!"
  • Lily: "Spirit of the Cheetah, full fury! Jungle Master Yellow Ranger!"
  • Theo: "Spirit of the Jaguar, full fury! Jungle Master Blue Ranger!"
  • All: "We summon the Animal Spirits from within! Power Rangers Jungle Fury!"

Power Rangers RPMEdit

Roll Call Team-Morph: "RPM! Get In Gear!"

  • Scott: "Get In Gear! RPM Ranger Red!"
  • Flynn: "Get In Gear! RPM Ranger Blue!"
  • Summer: "Get In Gear! RPM Ranger Yellow!"
  • Ziggy: "Get In Gear! RPM Ranger Green!"
  • Dillon: "Get In Gear! RPM Ranger Black!"
  • Gem: "Get In Gear! RPM Ranger Gold!"
  • Gemma: "Get In Gear! RPM Ranger Silver!"
  • All: "Rangers, Get In Gear! Power Rangers RPM!"

Power Rangers Samurai/Super Samurai Edit

Roll Call Team-Morph: "Samuraizer! Go Go Samurai!" Antonio's Morph: "Samurai Morpher! Gold Power!"

  • Jayden: "Red Samurai Ranger, ready!"
  • Kevin: "Blue Samurai Ranger, ready!"
  • Mia: "Pink Samurai Ranger, ready!"
  • Mike: "Green Samurai Ranger, ready!"
  • Emily: "Yellow Samurai Ranger, ready!"
  • Antonio: "Gold Samurai Ranger, ready!"
  • All: "Rangers Together, Samurai Forever!"

Power Rangers MegaforceEdit

Roll Call Team-Morph: "It's Morphin' Time! Go Go Megaforce!" Robo Knight Morph: "Change Card! Activate!"

  • Troy: "Fury of the Dragon! Megaforce Red!"
  • Emma: "Flames of the Phoenix! Megaforce Pink!"
  • Jake: "Venom of the Snake! Megaforce Black!"
  • Gia: "Claw of the Tiger! Megaforce Yellow!"
  • Noah: "Bite of the Shark! Megaforce Blue!"
  • All: "Earth's Defenders, Never Surrender! Power Rangers... Megaforce! Go Go Megaforce!"
  • Robo Knight: "I am Robo Knight! Protector of the Environment, Guardian of the Earth!"

Ultra MegaforceEdit

Roll Call Team-Morph: "Megaforce Ultra Mode Activate!"

  • Troy: "Storm Power! Ultra Megaforce Red!"
  • Emma: "Wind Power! Ultra Megaforce Pink!"
  • Jake: "Rock Power! Ultra Megaforce Black!"
  • Gia: "Jungle Power! Ultra Megaforce Yellow!"
  • Noah: "Wave Power! Ultra Megaforce Blue!"
  • All: "Earth's Defenders, Never Surrender! Megaforce Ultra Mode!"

Power Rangers Super MegaforceEdit

Roll Call Team-Morph: "Let's Power up!" "Super Mega Mode!"

  • Troy: "Super Megaforce Red!"
  • Noah: "Super Megaforce Blue!"
  • Gia: "Super Megaforce Yellow!"
  • Jake: "Super Megaforce Green!"
  • Emma: "Super Megaforce Pink!"
  • Orion: "Super Megaforce Silver!"
  • All: "Earth's Defenders, Never Surrender!"

Roll Call Team-Morph 2: Legendary Mode: Legendary Ranger Mode...

Power Rangers Dino Super ChargeEdit

Roll Call Team-Morph: "It's Morphin' Time! Dino Charger Ready! Energize! Ha!! Unleash The Power!"

  • Tyler: "Power Rangers Charged! Tyrannosaurus Rex! Power Ranger, Red!"
  • Chase: "Parasaur! Power Ranger, Black!"
  • Koda: "Stegosaurus! Power Ranger, Blue!"
  • Riley: "Velociraptor! Power Ranger, Green!"
  • Shelby: "Triceratops! Power Ranger, Pink!"
  • Ivan: "Pterodactyl! Power Ranger, Gold!"
  • Kendall: "Plesiosaur! Power Ranger, Purple!"
  • Prince Phillip III: "Pachysaur! Power Ranger, Graphite!"
  • James: "Ankylosaur! Power Ranger, Aqua!"
  • Zenowing: "Titanosaur! Power Ranger, Silver!"
  • All: "Dinosaur Might, Ready To Fight! Power Rangers Dino Charge! Ha!
  • Tyler: "It's about to get wild!"

Power Rangers Ninja SteelEdit

Roll Call Team-Morph: "It's Morphin Time! Power Star, Lock in! Ready! Ninja Spin!"

  • Brody: "Power of the Ninja! Ninja Steel Red!"
  • Mick: "Courage of the Ninja! Ninja Steel Red!"
  • Dane: "Legend of the Ninja! Ninja Steel Red!"
  • Preston: "Stealth of the Ninja! Ninja Steel Blue!"
  • Calvin: "Strength of the Ninja! Ninja Steel Yellow!"
  • Hayley: "Spirit of the Ninja! Ninja Steel White!"
  • Sarah: "Speed of the Ninja! Ninja Steel Pink!"
  • Levi: "Rhythm of the Ninja! Ninja Steel Gold!"
  • Viera: "Agility of the Ninja! Ninja Steel Green!"
  • All: "Ninja Rangers Fear No Danger! Power Rangers Ninja Steel!"

Roll Call Team-Morph 2: "Ninja Spin!"

Power Rangers Hyperforce Edit

Roll Call Team-Morph: "It's Morphin Time!"

  • Marv: Hyperforce! Red! Ready! Power Up!
  • Eddie: Hyperforce! Blue! Ready! Power Up!
  • Chloe: Hyperforce! Pink! Ready! Power Up!
  • Vesper: Hyperforce! Black! Ready! Power Up!
  • Jack: Hyperforce! Yellow! Ready! Power Up!
  • Joe: Hyperforce! Green! Ready! Power Up!

Power Rangers Beast MorphersEdit

Roll Call Team-Morph: "It's Morphin Time! Activate Beast Power! Ha! Unleash The Beast!"

  • Devon: Cheetah Power, Red Beast Morpher!
  • Ravi: Gorilla Power, Blue Beast Morpher!
  • Zoey: Jackrabbit Power, Yellow Beast Morpher!