This is a list of Power Rangers teams in chronological order, not in production order.

Morphing Masters (Millions of years BC)Edit

  • Mentor: Zordon
  • First appearance: "Big Sisters"
  • Last appearance: "Big Sisters"


  • Red Morphing Master (leader)
  • Blue Morphing Master
  • Yellow Morphing Master
  • Black Morphing Master
  • Pink Morphing Master

Ancient Warriors (2018)Edit

  • Mentor: Princess Shayla


  • Red Warrior
  • Blue Warrior
  • Orange Warrior
  • Yellow Warrior
  • White Warrior
  • Silver and Gold Warriors

Ancient Samurai Rangers (12th century Japan)Edit

  • Mentor: Grumpy cat


  • Jayden and lauren's ancestor - Red Samurai Ranger (leader)
  • Kevin's ancestor - Blue Samurai Ranger
  • Miya's ancestor - Pink Samurai Ranger
  • Mike's ancestor - Green Samurai Ranger
  • Emily's ancestor - Yellow Samurai Ranger

Shogun Rangers (30th century Japan)Edit

  • Mentor: The Grand Shogun


  • The Grand Shogun (played by Alex Heartman, voiced by Jim McLarty) - Red Shogun Ranger (leader)
  • Blue Shogun Ranger (played by Najee De-Tiege)
  • Pink Shogun Ranger (played by Erika Fong)
  • Green Shogun Ranger (played by Hector David, Jr.)
  • Yellow Shogun Ranger (played by Brittany Anne Pirtle)

Wild West Rangers (1880)Edit

  • Mentor: Zordon


  • Rocko (played by Steve Cardenas) - Red Wild West Ranger (leader)
  • Abraham (played by Johnny Yong Bosch) - Black Wild West Ranger
  • Miss Alicia (played by Karan Ashley) - Yellow Wild West Ranger
  • William (played by David Yost) - Blue Wild West Ranger
  • White Stranger (played by Jason David Frank) - White Wild West Ranger
  • Fuschia O'Hara (played by Amy Jo Johnson) - Pink Wild West Ranger

Mystic Wizards (1986)Edit

  • Mentor: The Snow Prince


  • Leanbow (played by Chris Graham) - Red Mystic Wizard (leader)
  • Blue Mystic Wizard
  • Green Mystic Wizard
  • Yellow Mystic Wizard
  • Pink Mystic Wizard

Non-Core WizardsEdit

  • Daggeron (played by John Tui) - Ancient Solaris Knight
  • Niella (played by Antonia Prebble) - Shining Moon Warrior
  • Calindor (played by Will Hall) - Ancient Mystic Warrior
  • Udonna (played by Antonia Prebble) - White Mystic Ranger

Aquitar Rangers (1989-90)Edit

  • Mentor: Zordon


  • Delphine - White Aquitar Ranger
  • Aurico - Red Aquitar Ranger
  • Cestro
  • Tideus
  • Corcus

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993-1996)Edit

  • Mentor: Zordon

Season 1 (1993-1994)Edit

  • Jason Lee Scott (played by Austin St. John) - Red Tyrannosaurus / Dragon Ranger (leader)
  • Zack Taylor (played by Walter Emanuel Jones) - Black Mastodon Ranger (second-in-command)
  • Trini Kwan (played by Thuy Trang) - Yellow Sabertooth Tiger Ranger
  • Billy Cranston (played by David Yost) - Blue Triceratops Ranger
  • Kimberly Hart (played by Amy Jo Johnson) - Pink Pteradactyl Ranger
  • Tommy Oliver (played by Jason David Frank) - Green Dragon Ranger (joins in "Green with Evil, Part V")

Season 2 (1994-1995)Edit

  • Jason Lee Scott (played by Austin St. John) - Red Tyrannosaurus Ranger (leader until " "The Power Transfer, Part 2")
  • Zack Taylor - Black Mastodon Ranger (second-in-command until "White Light, Part 2", leaves in "The Power Transfer, Part 2")
  • Trini Kwan - Yellow Sabertooth Tiger Ranger (leaves in "The Power Transfer, Part 2")
  • Billy Cranston - Blue Triceratops Ranger
  • Kimberly Hart - Pink Pteradactyl Ranger (second-in-command since "The Power Transfer, Part 2")
  • Tommy Oliver - Green Dragon Ranger (until "Green No More, Part 2") / White Tigerzord Ranger (leader since "Power Transfer, Part 2")
  • Tyler Klause - New Green Dragon Ranger
  • Rocky DeSantos - Red Tyrannosaurus Ranger (since "The Power Transfer, Part 2")
  • Adam Park - Black Mastodon Ranger (since "The Power Transfer, Part 2")
  • Aisha Campbell - Yellow Sabertooth Tiger Ranger (since "The Power Transfer, Part 2")
  • Tom Oliver - Green Dragon Ranger (joins temporarily in "Return of the Green Ranger, Part 2", leaves in "Return of the Green Ranger, Part 3")

Season 3 (1995-1996)Edit

  • Prince Dex of Edenoi (played by T.J. Roberts) - Masked Rider
  • Kit Taylor (played by Stephen Lunsford) - Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
  • Ninjor (played by Danny Wayne Stallcup and voiced by Kim Strauss)
Dragon Knight Form
Dragon Knight Survive Mode

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1995, alternate timeline)Edit

  • Tommy Oliver - White Tiger Ranger (leader)
  • Kimberly Hart - Pink Pteradactyl Ranger (second-in-command)
  • Billy Cranston - Blue Triceritops Ranger
  • Rocky DeSantos - Red Tyannosaurus Ranger
  • Aisha Campbell - Yellow Sabertooth Tiger Ranger
  • Adam Park - Black Mastodon Ranger

Zeo Rangers (1996-1997)Edit

  • Mentor: Zordon

Turbo Rangers (1997)Edit

  • Mentor: Dimitria



  • Blue Senturion (played by Ed Neil and voiced by David Walsh)
  • Phantom Ranger (played by Danny Wayne Stallcup and voiced by Alex Dodd)

Space Rangers (1998)Edit

  • Mentor: Andros

Samurai Rangers (1998)Edit

  • Mentor: Mentor Ji

Galaxy Rangers (1999)Edit

  • Mentor: DECA

Lightspeed Rangers (2000)Edit

  • Mentor: Captain Bill Mitchell

Time Force Rangers (2001)Edit

  • Mentor: Circuit


  • Wesley Collins (played by Jason Faunt) - Red Time Force Ranger (co-leader and second-in-command)
  • Jennifer Scotts (played by Erin Cahill) - Pink Time Force Ranger (co-leader and true leader of the Time Force Rangers team from the year 3000)
  • Lucas Kendall (played by Michael Copon) - Blue Time Force Ranger (second-in-command under Alex Drake's tenure as leader)
  • Trip Regis (played by Kevin Kleinberg) - Green Time Force Ranger
  • Katie Walker (played by Deborah Estelle Phillips) - Yellow Time Force Ranger
  • Eric Myers (played by Daniel Southworth) - Quantum Ranger

Wild Force Rangers (2002)Edit

  • Mentor: Princess Shayla

Ninja Rangers (2003)Edit

  • Mentor: Sensei Kanoi Watanabe

Wind RangersEdit

  • Shane Clarke - Red Wind Ranger (leader)
  • Dustin Brooks - Yellow Wind Ranger (second-in-command until "Boxing Bopp-a-Roo")
  • Tori Hanson - Blue Wind Ranger
  • Marah - Pink Wind Ranger (dream only in "All About Beevil")

Thunder RangersEdit

  • Hunter Bradley - Crimson Thunder Ranger (second-in-command since "Boxing Bopp-a-Roo")
  • Blake Bradley - Navy Thunder Ranger

Other RangerEdit

  • Cameron Watanabe - Green Samurai Ranger

Dino Rangers (2003-2004)Edit

  • Mentor: Dr. Tommy Oliver


  • Conner McKnight - Red Dino Ranger / Triassic Ranger (leader)
  • Ethan James - Blue Dino Ranger (second-in-command until "Back in Black")
  • Kira Ford - Yellow Dino Ranger
  • Dr. Tommy Oliver - Black Dino Ranger (second-in-command since "Back in Black", also mentor and co-leader) 
  • Trent Fernandez-Mercer - White Dino Ranger

Mystic Rangers (2006)Edit

  • Mentor: Udonna

Overdrive Rangers (2007)Edit

  • Mentor: Andrew Hartford

Jungle Fury Rangers (2008)Edit

  • Mentor: Robert James Finn


Spirit RangersEdit

Pai Zhuq MastersEdit

Jungle WarriorsEdit

RPM Rangers (2009-2010, alternate timeline)Edit

  • Mentor: Doctor K

Samurai Rangers (2010-2012)Edit

  • Mentor: Mentor Ji

Mega Rangers (2013)Edit

  • Mentor: Gosei

SPD Rangers (2025)Edit

  • Mentor: Commander Anubis "Doggie" Cruger

Rangers (A-Squad)Edit

Rangers (B-Squad)Edit

Other RangersEdit

Time Force Rangers (3000)Edit

  • Mentor: Captain Logan


  • Alex Drake (played by Jason Faunt) - Red Time Force Ranger (leader, killed by Ransik in "Force from the Future, Part 1", revealed to be alive in "Dawn of Destiny")