Ancient Samurai Rangers (PRS, 1600s)Edit

  • Leader: Fire Samurai Ranger
  • Second-in-command: Water Samurai Ranger

Shogun Rangers (PRSS, 1700s)Edit

  • Leader: The Great Shogun
  • Second-in-command: Blue Shogun Ranger

Wild West Rangers (MMPR, 1880)Edit

  • Leader: Kimberly Ann Hart
  • Second-in-command: Rocko

Power Rangers (MMPR S1-2, 1993-94)Edit

  • Leader: Jason Lee Scott
  • Second-in-command: Zack Taylor(prior to Tommy joining the team, regaining his powers, and after losing his powers for good), Tommy Oliver

Power Rangers (MMPR S2, 1994-95)Edit

  • Leader: Tommy Oliver
  • Second-in-command: Jason Lee Scott (until departure), Rocky DeSantos

Power Rangers (MMPR S3, 1995)Edit

  • Leader: Tommy Oliver
  • Second-in-command: Rocky DeSantos

Aquitian Rangers (MMAR, 1996)Edit

  • Leader: Delphine
  • Second-in-command: Aurico

Zeo Rangers (PRZ, 1996)Edit

  • Leader: Tommy Oliver
  • Second-in-command: Rocky DeSantos(prior to Gold Rangers arrival), Trey of Triforia(until passing on his powers and later regaining them), Jason Lee Scott

Turbo Rangers (PRT, 1997)Edit

  • Leader: Tommy Oliver
  • Second-in-command: Adam Park

Turbo Rangers (PRT, 1997)Edit

  • Leader: T.J. Johnson
  • Second-in-command: Carlos Vallertes

Space Rangers (PRiS, 1998)Edit

  • Leader: Andros
  • Second-in-command: T.J. Johnson

Galaxy Rangers (PRLG, 1999)Edit

  • Leader: Leo Corbett
  • Second-in-command: Kai Chen(prior to Mike becoming Magna Defender and after he loses his powers), Mike Corbett

Lightspeed Rangers (PRLR, 2000)Edit

  • Leader: Carter Grayson
  • Second-in-command: Chad Lee

Time Force Rangers (PRTF, 2001)Edit

  • Leader: Jen Scotts
  • Second-in-command: Wesley Collins

Wild Force Rangers (PRWF, 2002)Edit

  • Leader: Taylor Earhardt(prior to Cole joining the team), Cole Evans
  • Second-in-command: Alyssa Enrile(prior to Cole joining the team), Taylor Earhardt(prior to Merrick joining the team), Merrick Baliton

Veteran Red Rangers (PRWF, 2002) Edit

  • Leader: Tommy Oliver
  • Second-in-command: Jason Lee Scott

Wind Rangers (PRNS, 2003) Edit

  • Leader: Shane Clarke
  • Second-in-command: Tori Hanson

Thunder Rangers (PRNS, 2003) Edit

  • Leader: Hunter Bradley

Ninja Storm Rangers (PRNS, 2003)Edit

  • Leader: Shane Clarke
  • Second-in-command: Tori Hanson(prior to Thunder Rangers joining the team), Hunter Bradley(prior to Cam becoming a ranger), Cam Watanabe

Dino Rangers (PRDT, 2004-05)Edit

  • Leader: Conner McKnight
  • Second-in-command: Ethan James(prior to Tommy becoming the Black Ranger), Tommy Oliver

Dino Rangers(Lost and Found) (PRDT, 2004) Edit

  • Leader: Red Dino Ranger
  • Second-in-command: Mikey

Mystic Rangers (PRMF, 2006)Edit

  • Leader: Nick Russell(team leader), Udonna(mentor and co leader), Daggeron(mentor and co leader), Leanbow(co leader)
  • Second-in-command: Xander Bly

Overdrive Rangers (PROO, 2007)Edit

  • Leader: Mack Hartford
  • Second-in-command: Will Aston

Retro Rangers (PROO, 2007) Edit

  • Leader: Adam Park
  • Second-in-command: Bridge Carson

Jungle Fury Rangers (PRJF, 2008)Edit

  • Leader: Casey Rhodes
  • Second-in-command: Theo Martin(prior to RJ becoming a ranger), RJ

Spirit Rangers (PRJF, 2008) Edit

  • Leader: Shark Spirit Ranger
  • Second-in-command: Bat Spirit Ranger

Ranger Operators (PRRPM, 2009-10)Edit

  • Leader: Scott Truman
  • Second-in-command: Flynn McAllister

Samurai Rangers (PRS, 2011)Edit

  • Leader: Jayden Shiba
  • Second-in-command: Kevin(prior to Antonio's arrival), Antonio Garcia

Super Samurai Rangers (PRSS, 2012)Edit

  • Leader: Jayden Shiba, Lauren Shiba(during Jayden's absence)
  • Second-in-command: Antonio Garcia

Megaforce Rangers (PRM, 2013)Edit

  • Leader: Troy Burrows
  • Second-in-command: Noah Carver

Super Megaforce Rangers (PRSM, 2014) Edit

  • Leader: Troy Burrows
  • Second-in-command: Noah Carver(prior to Orion joining the team), Orion

Legendary Rangers (PRSM, 2014) Edit

  • Leader: Tommy Oliver
  • Second-in-command: Jason Lee Scott

Dino Charge Rangers Edit

  • Leader: Tyler Navarro(team leader), Kendall Morgan(mentor and co leader), James Navarro(co leader)
  • Second-in-command: Chase Randall(prior to Sir Ivan joining the team), Sir Ivan of Zandar(prior to Zenowing joining the team), Zenowing

Ninja Steel Rangers (PRNS, 2017-18) Edit

  • Leader: Brody Romero, Dane Romero(briefly as mentor and co leader), Mick Kanic(briefly as mentor and co leader)
  • Second-in-command): Preston Tien(prior to Levi's arrival), Levi Watson

Legendary Rangers(Super Ninja Steel) (PRSNS, 2018) Edit

  • Leader: Wes Collins(Until Tommy escapes Lord Draven), Tommy Oliver
  • Second-in-command: Gemma(Until the others are freed), Rocky DeSantos

Ultimate Mega Dino Charge Rangers (2018-19)Edit

  • Leader: Jason Lee Scott(until retirement), Gem and Gemma(mentors and co leaders), Lauren Shiba, Troy Burrows(co leader once he became the Red Ranger)
  • Second-in-command: Kai Chen(prior to Lucas becoming the Blue Ranger), Lucas Kendall

SPD Rangers (PRSPD, 2025-)Edit

  • Leader: Jack Landors(until retirement), Anubis Cruger(mentor and co leader), Sky Tate, Bridge Carson(co leader once he became the Red Ranger)
  • Second-in-command: Sky Tate(until becoming the Red Ranger), Bridge Carson(until become the Red Ranger), Lina Song

Time Force Rangers (PRTF, 3000-)Edit

  • Leader: Alex(until retiring due to injury), Jen Scotts
  • Second-in-command: Jen Scotts(until Alex retires), Lucas Kendall

Hyper Force Rangers (PRHF, 3016) Edit

  • Leader: Marvin Shih
  • Second-in-command: Eddie Banks(prior to Joe becoming the Green Ranger), Joe Shih