Power Rangers Megaforce (2013)Edit

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Power Rangers Super Megaforce (2014)Edit

It has been confirmed that Saban is to adapt Gokaiger, the 35th Sentai series. It will air on early 2014 as the 22nd series, however if the reversion of MMPR S1 does not count as a season and the two Samurai series (Samurai and Super Samurai) count as one, it will technically be the 20th season.

Titled "Kyoryuger" adaptation (2015)Edit

The 37th Sentai series, "Kyoryuger" is to be turned into a Power Rangers series as well. Its title is Power Rangers Dino Charge. Power Rangers Dino Supercharge will air in 2016.

Untitled Akibaranger adaptation (2015)Edit

The Sentai miniseries Akibaranger is to be turned into a Power Rangers miniseries. It will be the second miniseries for the show. However, if Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers count as a season, it will be the 25th series.