Forceflex was an episode which which supposed to air as part of the first series of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The episode was supposed to be the season finale and the second part would be the season opening, which would have introduced the new Ranger suits based on Dairanger, but the opener for the second series was re-written as "The Mutiny" and the episode was scrapped. The episode would indeed be published as a novel in 2010.


Repulsa increases Goldar's size and Goldar (in monstrous size) plans to destroy the Ultrazord, however Titanus sacrifices himself, separating the Mega Dragonzord from the brachio Zord. With this he becomes decapitated, thus costing his life. The Mega Dragonzord tries to battle to Goldar, but the Rangers retreat with their Zords. The Dragonzord is dismembered with Tommy partially losing his Green Ranger powers, but manages to continue. The Rangers have one last hope with the Power Megazord in tank mode. But the tank mode becomes disabled and transforms into battle mode. The Megazord tries to defeat Goldar but the griffin dismantles it into the five Dinozords. The Dinozords meets their fate: The Pteradactyl Dinozord dies after her wings became detached, also Kimberly loses her powers. The Sabertooth Tiger Dinozord is electrocuted and exploded into pieces, with Trini losing her powers. The Mastodon Dinozord is frozen and pulverised, with Zack losing his powers. The Triceratops Dinozord is incinerated with Billy losing his powers. The Tyranosaurus Dinozord is disassembled with Tommy and Jason finally losing their powers.

Forceflex (Part 2)Edit


  • No Japanese footage were supposed to be made, in fact Rita Repulsa was originally going to be played by Barbara Goodson.
  • Billy would have become the White Ranger, Tommy, Trini, Jason and Kimberly would keep their colors and Zack would have become the Blue Ranger in the end.
  • The Dinozords would be vapourised by Goldar alongside with the Dragonzord and Titanus.
  • Part of the Dinozords' demolition would indeed become part of the? Wild Force? episode "The End of the Power Rangers".
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